Covid-19 Policy and Guidance

This policy and guidance also forms part of our Terms & Conditions and is subject to review in line with WHO (World Health Organisation), PHE (Public Health England) and H M Government advice and guidelines.

 As always, we will continue to do our best to ensure your stay at Ashlea Studio is both a relaxing and enjoyable one.  These are unprecedented times and as such we have had to make some changes in line with Covid-19 Safety Guidance.  We have tried to keep these to a minimum and hope that some of the changes we are asking you to help us with will not impact on the overall enjoyment of your holiday.



Please ensure that you follow all Government guidance on travel if you are unwell before arrival.  We cannot accept guests isolating in the Studio.

If a guest becomes unwell during their stay we ask that they return to their main residence in line with guidance.

Please inform us if anyone in your party becomes unwell or has a positive swab for Covid-19 as this will affect our cleaning protocols.

We cannot offer refunds if guests cannot complete their stay.

If a guest cannot reasonably return home (for example, because they are not well enough to travel or do not have the means to arrange transport), their circumstances should be discussed with an appropriate health care professional and if necessary the local authority.  Guests should follow Government guidance on dealing with possible or confirmed Covid-19 infection.  If a guest is too unwell to travel, they will be liable for the additional rental for any extra period of time they need to stay and costs of any subsequent cancellations incurred.

If you are unable to travel to Ashlea Studio due to a further localised lockdown by the Government, please contact us as soon as possible.

**We would strongly advise guests to ensure they have adequate travel insurance**


Arrival/Departure Times

Arrival time has been moved from 3.00 pm to 4.00 pm and departure time has been moved from 10.30 am to 10.00 am.  These times are important as we wish to leave at least an hour before we enter the Studio to clean.


Hand Washing

Hand washing is the primary first line defence for Covid-19.  We have installed a hand sanitiser station on the wall outside the Studio and would ask that you use this on arrival before entering the Studio and each time you return to the Studio after you have been out.  Please note that hand sanitiser is not a replacement for regularly washing your hands with soap and water as per Government guidelines.  Soap has been provided by both sinks for your use and you should continue to wash your hands regularly with soap and water throughout your stay.


Day Visitors

Whilst day visitors are usually welcome to visit guests at the Studio with our prior knowledge, we ask that you do not accept visitors to the Studio during your stay for the foreseeable future.  Meet ups should be undertaken in open spaces with social distancing measures, in place at the time, adhered to.


For your comfort and re-assurance

We have 2 sets of duvets, pillows and cushions which will be rotated between guests.  We have always had multiple sets of bedlinen, towels, pillow and mattress protectors which have been and will continue to be rotated between guests.

If you would prefer to bring your own bedding, please let us know in advance.

Some items will be removed from the Studio.  These include books and cushions on the bed.

The rug and cushions in the living area will also be rotated between guests. 

The TV remote will be placed in a clear see through sleeve and sealed.  Please do not remove it from the sleeve.  The sleeve will be changed between guests.

As before, all utensils and crockery in the Studio will be put through our dishwasher before your arrival.

We have 2 Guest Information Folders that will be rotated between guests.

We will continue to leave the Guest Book in the Studio for you.  This will be placed in a sealed bag.  Although this is low risk, please remember to wash your hands once you have opened and written in it.  Pens will be rotated between guests and disinfected.

The Sun Loungers on the Studio deck have 2 sets of cushions and these will be rotated between guests. 

The Studio keys will be rotated between guests and also disinfected.  They will be left in a designated spot in a sealed bag for your arrival.

All cleaning in the Studio is undertaken as per government guidelines and our own risk assessment.


Day of Departure

The bathroom window is to be left open on departure day along with the doors to the bathroom, to allow air to circulate through.

All bedding should be stripped and placed in the bags provided and sealed prior to departure.  Please leave mattress and pillow protectors in situ and I will remove these myself. 

Please ensure that all rubbish has been placed in the bins outside the Studio and none has been left in the bins inside the Studio.


Many thanks, your help is much appreciated.


  • Comfortable Studio
  • Ideal for Couples
  • 2 Dogs Welcome
  • Private Garden & Parking
  • Secluded Peaceful Retreat
  • 3 Miles to Coast
  • Local Amenities Nearby
  • 5 Acre Smallholding

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